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Lizard men in the Bank June 7, 2007

Posted by Joseph in Uncategorized.

Who owns the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve in America?……

These institutions control their economies and issue bank notes, but they are not owned publicly/nationaly or by the government at all, they are owned by private bankers. They have enormous control over the economies and subsequently politics…..

Indeed Abraham Lincoln was a huge opponent and was downed by an assaisns bullet apparently the man boasted on being aquitted of doing it at the bidding of some very powerful bankers….meanwhile JFK was also an opponent of the system that has remained in place in the US since 1913; a few months after challenging this system he was shot from an empty Dallas window and the authorities pinned all blame on an innocent man…….his successors first action as president was to revoke all actions regarding the nationalisation of the federal reserve……

for more on this check out this rather weird documentary


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