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DNA State September 30, 2007

Posted by Joseph in Terror.

The UK has the largest proportion of its population on an Orwellian police database, where the DNA of anybody unfortunate enough to come near a police station has their genetic data stored for as eternity. Even if one isproven to be entirely guilt free the police will not remove one from the database.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics released a report just before the Labour party conference clearly stating that retaining innocent people’s data has no bearing and does not help in detection and fighting crime. As usual ministers and the Police are adamant that the database needs to be bigger. A typical dyslapy of creative muscle and hunger for instant power and control.

Worryingly there also seems to be a growing number of false hoods on this ‘valuable tool in the fight against crime’. As the Police expand the reasons why one can be added to the database they are also logging erronious data into the ‘matrix’. Partly as aresult of the old fair dodgers favourite of providing false name and address. Sparking a vindictive a plan in my head as I write! There are now apparently as many 500,000 false entrants on the database; the breeding ground of false accusations and court room confusions for years to come!

The fear of this sought of thing is not new, fictional accounts such as the matrix have long provided fodder for the paranoid and concerned alike and it is with amazaement that we recently witnessed our first ‘database’ martyr. The school caretaker Miles Cooper was convicted of an amateurish letter bombing campaign of organisations vaguely associated with ‘databases’.

As usual he was described as a shy weirdo, who lived with mum, in the press. He committed said campaign after peaceful campaigning and police refusal to remove his father’s DNA from the main frame. Will we see a mimicking culture from a generation brought up on the matrix and ‘super skunk’? Who knows, lets just hope the hackers are busy and the police keep taking down Harry Potter’s info for all those petty offences……


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