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Posted by Joseph in Terror.

For you and I the carrying of a firearm is an instantly imprisonable offence, fair enough (especially if you’re wearing a hoodie)…..’fighting the menace of inner city crime’….

And so when PC ‘shoot to kill’ Ralph runs up to an unarmed electrician on the tube, pushes him into his chair and pumps four nine millimetre rounds into his head its a health and safety issue…???!!!

See the acttions are a threat top the public; could have caused harm to those on the tube….but we can ignore the actual offence because Ralph happens to work for Britain’s best loved family of fear….THE ROYALS…..

Its one of those starnge issues where the discourse is pitched initially by those in the judiciary etc. so far off reality that the media and public are incapable of responding with the true outrage that should be displayed…..


1. nescio - October 19, 2007

hear hear!

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