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PEST WATCH October 19, 2007

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As we stride into our ‘obesogenic’ future there is a much more stealthy danger on our plates that this week MEPs have a ‘once in a generation chance’ to vote on deciding whether to further regulate the ‘authorisation, sale and marketing of pesticides and create a directive for their use, according to Elliot Cannel of the Pesticide Action Network.

Serious concern exists around the use of pesticides in our foods, with research indicating that many of the chemicals used enhance the risk of diseases such as Leukaemia, breast cancer and Parkinson’s amongst others.

The imperative for such action has come as a result of lobbying and the EU’s own investigation which found that 40% of our food is contaminated by pesticides. It is also no doubt a result of the growing fear about our diets and the ‘fad’ for healthy food. The great irony being that processed food is less likely to be contaminated by these noxious chemicals. So as we watch our weight and look to eat our ‘five a day’ the chances are that 2 of them will be contaminated with chemicals that could cause us serious harm.

The chemical industry has created a stealthily named lobby group called ECPA (European Crop Protection Agency). Purporting to ‘protect crops’, ECPA represents the chemical industry in Brussels and from this position encourages farmers to campaign for the increased usage of chemicals and the prevention of more regulation. Whilst the claim is that farming will suffer, for many the fate of our health and that of our children is in the balance on Monday with this vote.



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