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The Lyrical Idiot….(s) November 28, 2007

Posted by Joseph in Terror.

Heathrow must be a safer place now that the lyrical terrorist has been dealt with. She was a threat because as the news told us she had a SNIPER RIFLE instruction manual. She also wrote poetry about martydom and beheading……savage!

She was also a muslim…..

Now whats the difference then when Jeremy Clarkson, beloved columist of the Sun declares that he wants to shoot or have snipers shoot green peace protestors hanging banners on buildings?

Is this not incitement to hatred and violence etc.? The main difference that I can see is that the Lyrical terrorist was preaching to MI5 agents and a perhaps some WH SMith staff whilst Jeremy Clarkson wins awards for being TV personality of the year and the best celebrity dad…….writes in said paper and chats crap on a very popular programe paid for by the public. In other words we have two ‘lyrical haters’, one is listend too and the other is not…….

The hatred Clarkson spews no doubt will be viewed as ‘not serious’ and is the acceptable face of establishment ‘hate preach’, a muslim could never on the other hand be using poetic license or dare I say it humour in this warped hegemony of ours, even if they do call themselves ‘lyrical’……


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