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Controlling White People…. March 7, 2008

Posted by Joseph in Uncategorized.

The BBC has decided, in its post modern vein no doubt to have a series entitled ‘is white working class britain becoming invisible?’ the advert is pretty devoid of colour, in fact it portrays a white face that gets ‘blacked up’ by a dark hand writing in foreign tongues…….The thing is, has white working class Britain ever been ‘visible’?

I put it to you, that unless you are white and british and working class then no, it has never really been visible…

This, despite the top minds at the BBC, is not because of dark hands with foreign tongues, but I suspect because of the class system that has dominated this island so doggedly. Through institutions such as the monarchy, the Tory party and now, I’m afraid one would now have to say the BBC(!?) ‘upper class Britain’ has controlled and silenced white working class Britain.

Notions such as race and a poor white man’s ability to associate with his oppressor, simply because of the lack of skin pigmentation have enabled blame to be laid at the feet of the ‘beloved enemy’….the new comer, the ‘weirdo’…the ‘darkie’.

When will the BBC decide to commision a series about ‘how the working classes are being made invisible by the rich, powerful wedge who own the majority of the country and run it like a bannana republic for their own ends’……just an idea…..


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