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Sami al-Hajj Free at last, thank Allah he’s free at last! May 2, 2008

Posted by Joseph in Terror, U.S. foreign policy.

The Al-jazeera journalist, Sami al-Hajj, who was kidnapped by U.S. forces near the Afghan border 6 years ago has been returned to his home country; Sudan. Despite having valid documents and being a full time journalist he was detained and taken to the ‘Gulag in the Carribean’ (Guantanamo).

It is suspected, by amongst others, veteran Guantanamo lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith that his detention was because of him being a camera man with the U.S.’ favourite station; Al-Jazeera.

The U.S. denied ‘releasing’ him saying they were ‘transferring’ him to Sudan, where despite being able to try teachers who like to name teddy bears they could not find anything to try the camera man with.

Speaking on Al-Jazeera he commented on how the rats and iguanas in camp x-ray (land of the free) were treated better than the inmates.

Indeed at protest of his illegal detention, Sami had undertaken a hunger strike and the prison refused him treatment, despite it being suspected that he may be suffering from cancer of the kidney, unless he gave up his protest. Lawyers are unsure if he really is suffering from cancer or whether this was merely a way the prison was using to get Al-Hajj off his protest.

Whatever he is suffering from the ordeal was apparent in his appearance, his brother not recognising him from the man who was detained those years ago.


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