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Arm Me Up Cheif… July 1, 2008

Posted by Joseph in Arms.
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When the dust settles on the dodgy election of the year (Zimbabwe) where will the press corps move onto? Another barbaric, tyrannical regime? A missing kid or a pop star?

One tyrannical regime I am willing to wager that they won’t ‘move onto’ is Saudi Arabia. Strange that, given that the BAE corruption scandal came into focus again recently, as it was responsible for single handedly catapulting Britain to the top of the arms dealers list.

Not only do the Saudis not bother with the charade of democracy but they use OUR weapons to keep down their populace. And we bribe their autocratic leaders to buy our weapons. No hysteria about their torture of their civilians, their lack of democracy, their ‘evil’ leaders…wonder why?

But what does Mr Mugabe use against his people? Wasn’t he a client of arms dealer UK plc too, as part of New Labour’s ‘ethical’ foreign policy? Yet another dictator we gave arms too to fight his own people and we now demand the resignation of. Pick up the gun Robert…..


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