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Impunity high comes a cropper! November 6, 2008

Posted by Joseph in India, Terror.
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The religous ‘war’ that shapes the theological and communal lanscape of India reads like a tit for tat of hindu and muslim bombings. Jihadis and Hindutvas extracting the blood of their opponents in heinous slaughters of their innocent compatriots. The main difference has usually been the relative impunity and collusion that Hindu far right terrorists can act and have with ‘officials’.

Justice reared her elusive head this week however when police arrested Prasad Shrikant Purohit. An avowedly staunch Hindu nationalist, veteran of a tour of duty fight in Kashmir and the founder Abhinav Bharat, a facist boys club and aspirational political party that formed the plartform for the brutal Malegaon bombing.

The army has responded with apparent full co-operation and ’embarrsasment’ but the broader implications of professional soldiers intentionally bombing minorities spreads the already existing feeling that many of India’s institutions of state are corrupted by virulent Hindu nationalism. The full extent of this colusion was laid bare in the Gujarat riots of 2002, where police were widely acknowledged to have colluded with rioters as was the ruling BJP and its leader Narendra Modi.

The fact that serving army personel harbour such political sentiments is hardly surprising given India’s long running war over Kashmir and the extent of operations there. Counter insurgency and inteligence operations are often brutal and forge along religous lines with the separatist seen as ‘islamic’ and ‘unionist’ as ‘Hindu’. Just as the British Military notoriously colluded with Loyalist terrorists to fight the I.R.A. in Northern Ireland, the line between terrorists and the forces of the state blur in India too, mocking the constitution and hopes of justice.


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