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How does it feel…. January 27, 2009

Posted by Joseph in Arms, Obama, U.S. foreign policy, War.
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To have killed your first kid?

Surely a right of passage for any self respecting U.S. president. Not that anybody should have been surprised, given the bucket loads of cash that Obama accrued from defence contractors during his marathon funding adventure prior to election.

Obama’s promised escalation of the Afghanistan theatre lead to ‘unspecified numbers of civilians’ losing their lives in Pakistan this week in the countries tribal region; victims of an unmanned drone.

The lack of action from Obama over Israel’s defiance of international law and the U.N. also raises questions of whether, even given the will to do so, Obama can reign in free flowing Israeli aggression, given his subservience to the ‘military industrial complex’, and its reliance on Israeli consumption of U.S. arms.



1. talkni - January 27, 2009

There is no doubt he is up against it right from the start. But what has amazed me is the speed of his journey from potential saviour to killer. It is sad..so ..sad.

Joseph - January 27, 2009

very sad indeed, I suppose one should welcome many aspects of his policies but not let that rose tint the inevitable blood shed that a conduit for war as U.S. presidents tend to be, he cannot avoid many of the worst aspects of this and it is a factor that sadly will only recede with the US empire as a whole….lets see, hopefully he can prove us rong

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