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Mail Madness:CANNABIS May 19, 2008

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When it comes to war, an outdated uni project will do for new Labour, but with cannabis no number of expert s will do apart from their own crack team of potty drug experts on the cabinet…..

Yes, thankfully Jaqui Smith & Gordon Brown have sent a message to Britain’s young people that they know nothing about drugs and are slavish in their desperation to seem ‘tough’ and more conservative than the tories.

It ends a four year experiment in having cannabis as a ‘class c drug’. The experiment saw Briatin’s youth consume less cannabis, police had more time and money to concentrate on real crime and new Labour began imitating the Tories in almost every imaginable way.

The government, under Brown’s tutelage have been committed to penalising cannabis users and commisioned a report from the Home Office’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. The only problem was that people who examine and THINK about the issue come out with a different interpretation than knee jerk reactionaries and the council clearly concluded that the government should NOT reclassify cannabis. They also imply that the government is ‘prejudicing’ people’s health and that it is better to smoke cannabis than tobacco.

Pretty obvious stuff really but if one was perusing the Daily Mail around that time, one could see why Brown did it. Rarely have I seen the man called such positive things, for them however it was time for him to show courage against rationality to issues such as mass migration and abortion. The danger is in this climate where the Labour leader is trying to convince everyone that he is Torier than thou one wouldn’t bet against it……

BA Boss:What a Saint?! May 19, 2008

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The head of BA, Willie Walsh ‘honurably’ decided, after the T5 fiasco, to hand back his £700,000 bonus. This came after the company posted record £883 million profits, despite oil hitting record highs. Could Mr. Walsh not think of a more worthwhile recipient of his cahrity than his climate criminal employers?

Controlling White People…. March 7, 2008

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The BBC has decided, in its post modern vein no doubt to have a series entitled ‘is white working class britain becoming invisible?’ the advert is pretty devoid of colour, in fact it portrays a white face that gets ‘blacked up’ by a dark hand writing in foreign tongues…….The thing is, has white working class Britain ever been ‘visible’?

I put it to you, that unless you are white and british and working class then no, it has never really been visible…

This, despite the top minds at the BBC, is not because of dark hands with foreign tongues, but I suspect because of the class system that has dominated this island so doggedly. Through institutions such as the monarchy, the Tory party and now, I’m afraid one would now have to say the BBC(!?) ‘upper class Britain’ has controlled and silenced white working class Britain.

Notions such as race and a poor white man’s ability to associate with his oppressor, simply because of the lack of skin pigmentation have enabled blame to be laid at the feet of the ‘beloved enemy’….the new comer, the ‘weirdo’…the ‘darkie’.

When will the BBC decide to commision a series about ‘how the working classes are being made invisible by the rich, powerful wedge who own the majority of the country and run it like a bannana republic for their own ends’……just an idea…..

Hands up who wants many wives!! February 8, 2008

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The archbishop has brought up an interesting issue in this era of personalised law making….

The ‘law’ is a rigid thing that only the god bestowed ‘right’ of lots of money can twist so maybe we should make it more flexible; I’ll convert and be able to marry lots of people but then maybe my religion or inherant nature should have its own set of laws, my new religous laws state that the paying of taxes is immoral, I’m writing my new holy book at the moment, its gonna be good guys….

But on a more serious note Williams’ comments reflect how important it is to keep religion separate from law and politics.

‘the law of the Church of England is the law of the land’…….

maybe its time we reflect on the angst that sharia generates and reorder our legal system so that no minority of this earth feels alienated by it……maybe……

some say I’m a dreamer……but I’m not the only one

PEST WATCH October 19, 2007

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As we stride into our ‘obesogenic’ future there is a much more stealthy danger on our plates that this week MEPs have a ‘once in a generation chance’ to vote on deciding whether to further regulate the ‘authorisation, sale and marketing of pesticides and create a directive for their use, according to Elliot Cannel of the Pesticide Action Network.

Serious concern exists around the use of pesticides in our foods, with research indicating that many of the chemicals used enhance the risk of diseases such as Leukaemia, breast cancer and Parkinson’s amongst others.

The imperative for such action has come as a result of lobbying and the EU’s own investigation which found that 40% of our food is contaminated by pesticides. It is also no doubt a result of the growing fear about our diets and the ‘fad’ for healthy food. The great irony being that processed food is less likely to be contaminated by these noxious chemicals. So as we watch our weight and look to eat our ‘five a day’ the chances are that 2 of them will be contaminated with chemicals that could cause us serious harm.

The chemical industry has created a stealthily named lobby group called ECPA (European Crop Protection Agency). Purporting to ‘protect crops’, ECPA represents the chemical industry in Brussels and from this position encourages farmers to campaign for the increased usage of chemicals and the prevention of more regulation. Whilst the claim is that farming will suffer, for many the fate of our health and that of our children is in the balance on Monday with this vote.


Lizard men in the Bank June 7, 2007

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Who owns the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve in America?……

These institutions control their economies and issue bank notes, but they are not owned publicly/nationaly or by the government at all, they are owned by private bankers. They have enormous control over the economies and subsequently politics…..

Indeed Abraham Lincoln was a huge opponent and was downed by an assaisns bullet apparently the man boasted on being aquitted of doing it at the bidding of some very powerful bankers….meanwhile JFK was also an opponent of the system that has remained in place in the US since 1913; a few months after challenging this system he was shot from an empty Dallas window and the authorities pinned all blame on an innocent man…….his successors first action as president was to revoke all actions regarding the nationalisation of the federal reserve……

for more on this check out this rather weird documentary