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Hell Broth Man of the Year: Muntadar al-Zeidi December 15, 2008

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The prestigious and coveted Hell Broth ‘Man of the Year’ award has this year gone to the Baghdad ‘shoe thrower’. Whilst the site never likes to condone violence Muntadar al-Zeidi’s action is a protest that millions must have dreamed of whilst Bush’s callous blood lust and ineptitude has gone on. But also deeply regrets that neither missile hit its target.

The TV journalist also shouted that this was a ‘good bye kiss, dog!’

He now however finds himself captive of U.S. special forces in Iraq, despite Bush shrugging off the incident claiming it was something that people ‘do in a free society’. Thousands have taken to the streets to protest his arrest on no specific charges, is that something we do as well in a fee society?


“But I got wise..You’re the devil in disguise” December 12, 2008

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The U.S. Senate has finally woken up from its slumber, like George Bush after several days of a College frat party and realised that the monster of torture that was systematically unleashed  upon prisoners, guilty or not, was not the result of a few ‘bad apples’. According to the Senate Armed Services Committee it was Donald Rumsfeld, he was the ‘direct cause’ of prisoner abuse in U.S. ‘gulags’ such as Abu Graib and Guantanamo. 

The Levin report, named after its chair person Carl Levin, goes on to detail exactly what most critics, probably roundly labelled as lefty sympathisers at the time, said years ago; that torture does in fact endanger, not protect the U.S. 

The report also highlights Bush’s 2002 decision to ignore the Geneva conventions for those detained in Afghanistan, as another reason for the plague of war crimes perpetrated by the regime.

However, the report did not even look into the CIA’s use of torture in their network of no doubt extensive prisons, nor did it recommend any sought of punishment for deeds which it otherwise heavily criticises for those it deems most responsible. The taboo of seeing a U.S. official face justice seems to have bitten as usual. 

As the U.S. finally seems to have been given its marching orders in its most defining foreign escapade for a generation, with the ‘3 years till we’re free’ Iraqi deal, the truth seems to be barking at a growing rate, now that we are bereft of the hyperbole and bluster of the now impotent Neo Con ransack squad.

No I’m climate man! December 11, 2008

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Fortress Kingsnorth

Fortress Kingsnorth



The most heavily defended power station in the U.K. was breached by a lone eco warrior. Who left a simple and now familiar calling card ‘no new coal’. 

The intruder shut down one of the massive generators, instantly cutting Britain’s emissions  by 2%, after scaling the massive electric fences and other assorted security measures.  

After a year of growing smearing and contrived story telling about ‘eco-terrorists’, combined with the audacious protest actions by groups like Plane Stupid, ‘Climate Man’ as the protester has been dubbed by some, seems to have done the unthinkable and fulfilled the mission of this years climate camp. 

No one is quite sure who he is, activists seem perplexed as do the police and the owners of the plant and potential instigators in Britain’s first new coal plant in 34 years, E.ON. The power company vigourously assert that it was not an inside job. Speculation has suggested that due to the nature and competency of the action it could have been done by someone who had once worked in a power station.

Accordingly, unspecified rumours have indicated that the perpetrator was in the employment of British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL). The people (apart from everyone who will be affected by climate change) who stand to lose the most by the idea of burning dirty lumps of carbon to create electricity.

Innocents not Valid Targets?!! December 5, 2008

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The European Court of Human Rights yesterday struck a blow to New Labour’s data base state crusade. The ruling clearly and unanimously condemned the government’s taking and storing of hundreds of thousands of innocent peoples DNA. A practice that occurs any time anyone is unlucky enough to have to enter a police station. In the name of ‘security’ people only vaguley connected to a case are ‘just’ forced to give a ‘quick swab’ from their mouth and there entire genetic code over to her Majesty’s lovely coppers for eternity.

The judges added that on privacy and data retnetion the government had “overstepped any acceptable margin”.

This ruling comes only days after it was revealed that whilst almost a million innocent people, and large numbers of fictitious people inhabit the ‘matrix’ over 40% of convicted criminals do not.

The government has until March to respond to the court about the retention of the data….see you in Strasbourg!

If ever the fears of a few foresighted souls needed vindication it is now. If ever there were a more sobering a warning it must surely come from the fact that not a single European judge backed Labour’s authoritarian war on its own people.

Mumbai Terror Spurred by Drugs? December 2, 2008

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The question of how such a small number of militants battled India’s finest commandos for such a long time was answered recently by the Daily Mail.

That’s right, apparently the terrorists were spurred on by narcotics, namely cocaine, mildly believable although probably not recommended or efficient for the task of over fifty hours continual fighting and the real icing on the journalistic cake LSD.

Yes the perpetrators of one of India’s most audacious terrorist attacks were injecting themselves with one of the most potent hallucinogens known to humankind.

This begs a number of questions. Firstly why anybody would think it was a good idea, given the obvious aim of ruthless killing to inject themselves with a mind altering substance. Secondly, if they were tripping how the hell did they manage to reap so much havoc?

Now please take the time to examine this evidence testing precisey the effect of TRYING to fight on the narcotic, especially if one is tempted to trust the Daily Mail:

It does not take a brain surgeon to work out that LSD is illegal, not because of the ruthless, aggressive efficiency it bestowes upon the user but because of the debilitating intoxication it results in.

The Daily Mail quotes an unnamed ‘official’, presumably unnamed because he is an official of nothing more than spouting crap. The article carries on with the ‘official’ explaining that they had ‘dietary training’. How this was gleaned from the wreckage is not stated but shows a fondness of fiction.

If ever there was a need for accurate well researched journalism it is in a time of crisis, a time when tensions soar and fears are heightened. Sadly at this time of grief and shock the rags of a perishing industry serve to humiliate and ridicule the intelligence of the public.

Global ‘Vigilantes’….. November 19, 2008

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A top UK judge, Lord Bingham has stolen the words out of every sane person in the world and given them an ‘authority tweak’ when he described the war in Iraq as illegal and Britain and the U.S. as ‘vigilantes’.

The ex law lord said it ‘passes belief’ that the U.K. and the U.S. could unilaterally decide that Iraq had broken U.N. laws, in his condemnation of Lord Goldsmith, the then attorney general and his advice to the government.

‘Vigilantes’ sounds to me like a polite way of saying terrorists….

Barry’s Economic Woes November 8, 2008

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As the dust settles on the historic ridding of the temple, Obama now peers into some very empty coffers, while Bush & gang run giggling into the sun set, like naughty school girls…all the way to the bank.

Thats right, after disastrous, record expenditure and tax cuts for elites a debt ridden government has now been finally put to its knees by the bankers ‘bail out’; a $700bn last drop of loot for societies most privelaged.

Obama’s election pledges will mean little to economic advisors, who will instantly be informing the President elect that fiscal restraint is the only option. This period of limited expenditure will witness a worsening in standards of living for the American people that will propel Obama into Clinton territory for underacheivement and a general malaise for the populous. Ultimately leaving a disgruntled electorate at the mercy of the right wing propganda machine when the next election comes around, ready for the next president to blow all that fiscal restraint on wars and tax cuts to benefit him and his feindish mates!

Impunity high comes a cropper! November 6, 2008

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The religous ‘war’ that shapes the theological and communal lanscape of India reads like a tit for tat of hindu and muslim bombings. Jihadis and Hindutvas extracting the blood of their opponents in heinous slaughters of their innocent compatriots. The main difference has usually been the relative impunity and collusion that Hindu far right terrorists can act and have with ‘officials’.

Justice reared her elusive head this week however when police arrested Prasad Shrikant Purohit. An avowedly staunch Hindu nationalist, veteran of a tour of duty fight in Kashmir and the founder Abhinav Bharat, a facist boys club and aspirational political party that formed the plartform for the brutal Malegaon bombing.

The army has responded with apparent full co-operation and ’embarrsasment’ but the broader implications of professional soldiers intentionally bombing minorities spreads the already existing feeling that many of India’s institutions of state are corrupted by virulent Hindu nationalism. The full extent of this colusion was laid bare in the Gujarat riots of 2002, where police were widely acknowledged to have colluded with rioters as was the ruling BJP and its leader Narendra Modi.

The fact that serving army personel harbour such political sentiments is hardly surprising given India’s long running war over Kashmir and the extent of operations there. Counter insurgency and inteligence operations are often brutal and forge along religous lines with the separatist seen as ‘islamic’ and ‘unionist’ as ‘Hindu’. Just as the British Military notoriously colluded with Loyalist terrorists to fight the I.R.A. in Northern Ireland, the line between terrorists and the forces of the state blur in India too, mocking the constitution and hopes of justice.

Terror Pres October 30, 2008

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Republican blogs and speeches are alive with accusations of ‘palling’ with terrorists, accusations of friendships held with middle eastern historians to ‘Weather Men’. Barry Obama’s middle name and his strange foreigness inspiring fear in the hearts of the American mind courtesy of the Republican ‘truth department’.

For it is the drawing of these tenuous links of Barry’s that contrive to conceal Republican links with individuals, of a truly unpleasant nature.

McCain himself is no stranger to ‘palling’ with ruthless mass murderers; including a good ‘pall’ with Augosto Pinochet in Chile back in 1985.

Whilst his effervescent, long standing institution of a foreign affairs specialist, Henry Kissinger has done alot more than simply ‘pall’ (I don’t even know what that means!). The orchestrator of war and genocide is unable to step foot in numerous European countries due to his conivance in crimes against humanity in South East Asia, Chile and Angola.

Whilst revered cold war warriors like Bush senior and Reagan hosted Afghan war lords whose tactics in their jihad included/include the throwing of acid in the faces of unveiled women. Lucky Palin wasn’t ‘palling’ around the place in those day.

Their ‘ palling’ with unscupulous tyrants was only the tip of the ice berg in their reigns of terror; numerous foreign adventures in conflcits, hot & cold against small third world countries were what epitomised their foreign policies. These ruined and took the lives of countless people, killing hope and prospects of indigenous development and prosperity.

The propganda of the GOP epitiomises, here in the election, the racism and Orwellian double speak that these unspeakable human beings have foisted upon us all in their attempt, through whatever means possible to control and polarise wealth and privelage and maintain their backward hegemony.

Basher Barry Gets the Bucks! October 29, 2008

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Barry Obama is the fisrt Democratic candidate since Clinton to beat the Republican’s in gaining defense contributions for the Democrats as a whole.

Whilst liberals salivate at the prospect of a first black president and ‘change’. His utterances on the subject of war and foreign policy have obvioulsy won him traditionally ‘conservative’ supporters amongst the lobbyist community on capitol hill.

Whilst McCain offered them the enticing potential of a new ‘hundread’ year war if ‘that’s what it took’, Barry’s evident commitment to reinforcing the much more inflating, war like, situation in Afghanistan and even spreading the conflcit into neighbouring nuclear armed Pakistan….sounds, well…..alot more lucrative (in the short term at least).

The ‘militray industrial complex’ has done exceptionally well under the Bush administration. Whether they back ‘winners’ or win elections is a book in itself but the dark shadow of Eisenhower’s warning, about the military industrial complex and its influence upon politics seems alive and well within Obama’s promise of ‘being the change’.