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Narendra Modi Dictionary of Double Speak December 17, 2007

Posted by Joseph in India.
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The effervescent Gujarat Chief Minister is not a man to mince his words. Indeed the use of one of his favourite words is very selective. Terror or terrorism in the Modi dictionary is any act of violence imagined or otherwise perpetrated by Muslims. What is NOT terrorism however are state sponsored pogroms of religious or ethnic minorities in which thousands are butchered and hundreads of thousands made homeless.

Gotta love these crazy cats and what they do to language………

State Terror:Gujarat Style October 26, 2007

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The excellent Tehelka weekly newspaper has recently released some incredibly revealing investigative material exposing one of India’s largest political parties the BJP as complicit in the Gujurat pogrom of 2002.

The case is a long running feud that begun when a train carrying hindu pilgrims caught fire. No one knows whether this was an act of arson or an accident, various theories and explanations have circulated and been bitterly contested.

As this was India, the loss of hindu pilgrims was swiftly felt amongst the nearby muslim communities; revenge mob-attacks that left the streets of Ahmedabad stained with blood and death.

Convictions or justice were non existant in the BJP run state, depsite the fact that as many as 2,000 mainly muslims perished and numerous women were raped.

Most shockingly the Gujurat chief minister remains the same to this day, Narendra Modi; proud tolerator, if not convenor of genocide and orchetsrator of Gujurat, Ghandi’s state becoming known synonymously with extremism.

Modi once said on the Mumbai blasts that ‘terrorism is worse than war’; one wonders what he had in mind when he allowed his saffron cadres free reign for three days of carnge….?