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Cluster Sunset? May 29, 2008

Posted by Joseph in U.S. foreign policy, War.
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As the world yet again joined hands to fight a common scourge the world’s self styled bullies stayed away. With the notable exception of the UK who for a change joined the moral consesnsus, the list of absentees included the main users and the biggest threats to global peace with China, Russia, Israel and of course the U.S.A. There were no surprises as these nations avoided the treaty on land mines and certainly the US and Israel have been actively using the obnoxious bombs in the last few years; killing innocent civilains and often children.

The moral stance of Gordon Brown’s government may be as a result of their interdependence with the US. Both governments were making statements about the difficulty of the two nations doing operations and excerises together with the US refusing to ditch the ‘biggest civilian killing system’. No commitment was made on getting rid of US stocks at their bases in the UK. So the UK can decommision their arms because they will probably never under take millitary action without their ‘special friend’/imperial master anyawy and will therefore always ‘have’ the capability to drop the heinous devices on any nation not playing ball/giving up their resources or soveriegnty to international capital.