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Ecstasy less Dangerous than Riding a Horse February 8, 2009

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The Chairman of the British Government’s Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), Dr David Nutt has reminded us that horse riding is as, if not more hazardous than taking illegal ecstasy pills, that have a maximum penalty, like heroin and crack, of life in jail for possession. A sentence matched only by murder.

Whilst activities such as horse riding are positively encouraged regardless of hazards to oneself, the horse or the 100,000 car traffic accidents that occur annually in the UK because of the beasts.

The good doctor told the press that this ‘raises the critical question of why society tolerates – indeed encourages – certain forms of potentially harmful behaviour but not others such as drug use’.

Indeed a theme can be seen to be emerging, with the last post.

One anonymous source, believed to be on ecstasy pipes said that this was ‘probably because they were more fun’.

The ACMD is expected next week to call for the downgrading of the drug to a class B substance. This will not decriminalise the 500,000 people who consume the drug every weekend, but may mean we lock gurning ravers up for a slightly shorter spell in our jails.

Meanwhile the man horse love association threatened to dump a dead, drug horse outside Dr Nutt’s house.

Mumbai Terror Spurred by Drugs? December 2, 2008

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The question of how such a small number of militants battled India’s finest commandos for such a long time was answered recently by the Daily Mail.

That’s right, apparently the terrorists were spurred on by narcotics, namely cocaine, mildly believable although probably not recommended or efficient for the task of over fifty hours continual fighting and the real icing on the journalistic cake LSD.

Yes the perpetrators of one of India’s most audacious terrorist attacks were injecting themselves with one of the most potent hallucinogens known to humankind.

This begs a number of questions. Firstly why anybody would think it was a good idea, given the obvious aim of ruthless killing to inject themselves with a mind altering substance. Secondly, if they were tripping how the hell did they manage to reap so much havoc?

Now please take the time to examine this evidence testing precisey the effect of TRYING to fight on the narcotic, especially if one is tempted to trust the Daily Mail:

It does not take a brain surgeon to work out that LSD is illegal, not because of the ruthless, aggressive efficiency it bestowes upon the user but because of the debilitating intoxication it results in.

The Daily Mail quotes an unnamed ‘official’, presumably unnamed because he is an official of nothing more than spouting crap. The article carries on with the ‘official’ explaining that they had ‘dietary training’. How this was gleaned from the wreckage is not stated but shows a fondness of fiction.

If ever there was a need for accurate well researched journalism it is in a time of crisis, a time when tensions soar and fears are heightened. Sadly at this time of grief and shock the rags of a perishing industry serve to humiliate and ridicule the intelligence of the public.

Mail Madness:CANNABIS May 19, 2008

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When it comes to war, an outdated uni project will do for new Labour, but with cannabis no number of expert s will do apart from their own crack team of potty drug experts on the cabinet…..

Yes, thankfully Jaqui Smith & Gordon Brown have sent a message to Britain’s young people that they know nothing about drugs and are slavish in their desperation to seem ‘tough’ and more conservative than the tories.

It ends a four year experiment in having cannabis as a ‘class c drug’. The experiment saw Briatin’s youth consume less cannabis, police had more time and money to concentrate on real crime and new Labour began imitating the Tories in almost every imaginable way.

The government, under Brown’s tutelage have been committed to penalising cannabis users and commisioned a report from the Home Office’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. The only problem was that people who examine and THINK about the issue come out with a different interpretation than knee jerk reactionaries and the council clearly concluded that the government should NOT reclassify cannabis. They also imply that the government is ‘prejudicing’ people’s health and that it is better to smoke cannabis than tobacco.

Pretty obvious stuff really but if one was perusing the Daily Mail around that time, one could see why Brown did it. Rarely have I seen the man called such positive things, for them however it was time for him to show courage against rationality to issues such as mass migration and abortion. The danger is in this climate where the Labour leader is trying to convince everyone that he is Torier than thou one wouldn’t bet against it……