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‘Terrorist’ Democracies May 2, 2008

Posted by Joseph in Terror, U.S. foreign policy.
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The word Hamas to the ear tuned to the western media is synonymous with terrorism. The democratically eleceted party of Palestine is however termed a ‘terrorist’ organisation by the dubiously elected government of the U.S of A.

Yesterday the U.S. made contact with another democratically elected ‘terror’ group; Nepal’s Maoists. The U.S. government had propped up the now dethroned monarchy, enabling it to bring its M16s and more down on the impoverished population. The U.S. ambbassador has in typical hypocritical fashion asked the Maoist leader, Prachanda to follow ‘the political process’. A U.S. speciality in foreign policy.

The Himalayan nation will not be too much of a concern for U.S. planners; it has no oil to speak of and has two largely hostile super power neighbours. It remains to be seen however whether the pathological U.S. obsession with anti-communism will rear its dirty head……