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Barry’s Economic Woes November 8, 2008

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As the dust settles on the historic ridding of the temple, Obama now peers into some very empty coffers, while Bush & gang run giggling into the sun set, like naughty school girls…all the way to the bank.

Thats right, after disastrous, record expenditure and tax cuts for elites a debt ridden government has now been finally put to its knees by the bankers ‘bail out’; a $700bn last drop of loot for societies most privelaged.

Obama’s election pledges will mean little to economic advisors, who will instantly be informing the President elect that fiscal restraint is the only option. This period of limited expenditure will witness a worsening in standards of living for the American people that will propel Obama into Clinton territory for underacheivement and a general malaise for the populous. Ultimately leaving a disgruntled electorate at the mercy of the right wing propganda machine when the next election comes around, ready for the next president to blow all that fiscal restraint on wars and tax cuts to benefit him and his feindish mates!

Terror Pres October 30, 2008

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Republican blogs and speeches are alive with accusations of ‘palling’ with terrorists, accusations of friendships held with middle eastern historians to ‘Weather Men’. Barry Obama’s middle name and his strange foreigness inspiring fear in the hearts of the American mind courtesy of the Republican ‘truth department’.

For it is the drawing of these tenuous links of Barry’s that contrive to conceal Republican links with individuals, of a truly unpleasant nature.

McCain himself is no stranger to ‘palling’ with ruthless mass murderers; including a good ‘pall’ with Augosto Pinochet in Chile back in 1985.

Whilst his effervescent, long standing institution of a foreign affairs specialist, Henry Kissinger has done alot more than simply ‘pall’ (I don’t even know what that means!). The orchestrator of war and genocide is unable to step foot in numerous European countries due to his conivance in crimes against humanity in South East Asia, Chile and Angola.

Whilst revered cold war warriors like Bush senior and Reagan hosted Afghan war lords whose tactics in their jihad included/include the throwing of acid in the faces of unveiled women. Lucky Palin wasn’t ‘palling’ around the place in those day.

Their ‘ palling’ with unscupulous tyrants was only the tip of the ice berg in their reigns of terror; numerous foreign adventures in conflcits, hot & cold against small third world countries were what epitomised their foreign policies. These ruined and took the lives of countless people, killing hope and prospects of indigenous development and prosperity.

The propganda of the GOP epitiomises, here in the election, the racism and Orwellian double speak that these unspeakable human beings have foisted upon us all in their attempt, through whatever means possible to control and polarise wealth and privelage and maintain their backward hegemony.

Basher Barry Gets the Bucks! October 29, 2008

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Barry Obama is the fisrt Democratic candidate since Clinton to beat the Republican’s in gaining defense contributions for the Democrats as a whole.

Whilst liberals salivate at the prospect of a first black president and ‘change’. His utterances on the subject of war and foreign policy have obvioulsy won him traditionally ‘conservative’ supporters amongst the lobbyist community on capitol hill.

Whilst McCain offered them the enticing potential of a new ‘hundread’ year war if ‘that’s what it took’, Barry’s evident commitment to reinforcing the much more inflating, war like, situation in Afghanistan and even spreading the conflcit into neighbouring nuclear armed Pakistan….sounds, well…..alot more lucrative (in the short term at least).

The ‘militray industrial complex’ has done exceptionally well under the Bush administration. Whether they back ‘winners’ or win elections is a book in itself but the dark shadow of Eisenhower’s warning, about the military industrial complex and its influence upon politics seems alive and well within Obama’s promise of ‘being the change’.