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Ecstasy less Dangerous than Riding a Horse February 8, 2009

Posted by Joseph in civil liberties, Drug laws.
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The Chairman of the British Government’s Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), Dr David Nutt has reminded us that horse riding is as, if not more hazardous than taking illegal ecstasy pills, that have a maximum penalty, like heroin and crack, of life in jail for possession. A sentence matched only by murder.

Whilst activities such as horse riding are positively encouraged regardless of hazards to oneself, the horse or the 100,000 car traffic accidents that occur annually in the UK because of the beasts.

The good doctor told the press that this ‘raises the critical question of why society tolerates – indeed encourages – certain forms of potentially harmful behaviour but not others such as drug use’.

Indeed a theme can be seen to be emerging, with the last post.

One anonymous source, believed to be on ecstasy pipes said that this was ‘probably because they were more fun’.

The ACMD is expected next week to call for the downgrading of the drug to a class B substance. This will not decriminalise the 500,000 people who consume the drug every weekend, but may mean we lock gurning ravers up for a slightly shorter spell in our jails.

Meanwhile the man horse love association threatened to dump a dead, drug horse outside Dr Nutt’s house.


1. caroline krakatoa - February 8, 2009

i suppose you’d ban horses in your hippy reich wouldn’t you? have us all forced to take drugs and fuck in some foul gulag made of flowers (and/or pictures of flowers) whilst people with long hair bang drums and say ohm? is that what you want? cause that’s want your gonna get?

you wanna sort the heroin problem out? turn afghanistan upside down. that’s right – 30,000 new troops could literally tip that country upside down. result – no more smack for you tonto.

it really is that simple.

2. alan international - February 9, 2009

caroline – read the evidence for yourself.

your hysterical claims prove the point that Dr. Nutt makes in his paper.

for example: is there *any evidence* to suggest that ‘tipping afghanistan upside down’ is a workable solution to the heroin trade or the country’s problems?

no – so why suggest it. there is certainly a lot of evidence to suggest that horse riding is more dangerous than ecstacy.

bongos, flowers, long hair and your other pet hates never killed anyone either.

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